Rebecca Ferratti is not just a pretty face off the cover of Playboy Magazine, she is also widely acknowledged for her positive attitude toward sports. Rebecca, one of the original American Gladiators of TV fame, recently returned to that show as a celebrity guest and was victorious in winning the Gold. She has always been a sports woman who encourages a healthy lifestyle of exercise, sports and diet among family, friends and fans.

Rebecca is outgoing and competitive, and a motivator to her fans as well as her friends and family. "I cannot change the world on my own, but if I can help children feel their importance as inheritors of the world and as individuals who make a difference, then maybe they will mature into the kind of adults that make the world a better place. Keeping children involved in a sport gives them the feeling of belonging somewhere and teamwork is their support system." She feels that this is especially helpful for kids without one or both of their parents. The sport becomes a parent to them.

Children are our future and, as a mother, Rebecca feels that sports teach not just the game and the urge to win, but also develop the spirit of struggle to be the best you can be without giving up, to believe in yourself even when the odds are against you. Sports teach youngsters discipline, respect, teamwork and that drugs and violence have no place in the world of sports and fitness.

Rebecca's engaging personality and expansive energy level has helped to keep her active in the entertainment industry. She has appeared in numerous TV shows, over 16 feature films (Ace Ventura Pet Detective, The Three Amigos, etc.) and more than 20 MTV videos. She currently writes articles for several health and fitness magazines and entertainment columns for weekly and monthly publications.

Rebecca is pursuing a career as a writer and is the midst of writing stories based on life experiences. She is currently involved in creating life stories that have a message to society she hopes will encourage the change of some laws and/or create some new laws in an effort to curb domestic violence, child abuse, stalkers, dead-beat dads and drug abuse. Her books and TV movies are aimed at being positive influences that ring true and will cause many to review, and begin to change, both current laws and ethical standards.

Rebecca has been active in charity work for over ten years, especially for charities that promote the health and nurturing of children and the planet and the safety of both domestic animals and wildlife. She also supports the Boys and Girls Clubs of America. The environment is high on her list of priorities since she has two little boys who love the ocean, animals and all that Mother Nature has to offer. Rebecca would like to see society give back to the Earth what we have so freely taken before it is too late.

It may seem like Rebecca has taken on a monstrous opponent, and indeed she has, but it is a struggle she believes we can win if we work together. Teamwork is the answer and it is taught in sports. Nothing can stop her "Team" from final victory over the injustices of the world if we are all on the same team. Her heart sides with justice for all. She prays that we are all on the same side, the same team, sharing the same desire for a healthy world.


Martial Arts Instructor, Cardio Kick Box Instructor, TaeKwonDo- Gold, Silver Medalist, Jujitsu- Gracie, Stunts, Polo, Horseback Riding, Professional Rodeo, Gunmanship, Dance, Bodybuilding, ATC Motorcycles, Roller Skating, Roller Blading, Basketball, Softball, Volleyball, Football, Track & Field, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Sword- Fighting, Water Sports, Boogie Boarding, Snow Skiing, Golf (putting), (Developing, creating, Made Fors, Stories True to Life, Author, Writer.)


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