Shig Chiba, owner and head chef of CHIBA Japanese Restaurant and Sushi Bar, moved to Los Angeles, CA from his homeland of Tokyo Japan, as a child. He later returned to Japan to study the "art of sushi" under a Master Chef, and after many years of working and studying, mastered the highly-developed skills of sushi preparation. From as early as he can remember, Shig wanted to become a sushi chef, and did his learning at one of Japanís most famous sushi restaurants, "KADOYA" in Yokohama, Japan. Now having been a sushi chef for more than twenty years, Shig cites his father - one of the first culinary masters to introduce fine Japanese cuisine to America in 1965 - as his chief influence in becoming a chef. Shig's father specialized in such items as Fugu (blowfish), and complex ceremonial preparation. At his restaurant today, Shig is a special kind of sushi chef. He makes an effort to meet each new customer and learn their background. He asks where they are from, and if foreign, what languages they speak, and the types of food they are accustomed to eating in their native countries. He then customizes his sushi to make it most palatable for each individual customer.

Now, Shig Chiba has just completed his first on-camera instructional cooking show titled "Sushi at Home Made Easy"co-hosted by Rebecca Ferratti. "Sushi at Home Made Easy," available on home video, gives Shig the opportunity to take his incredible sushi-making skills directly to the viewer, making it fun and easy to prepare delicious and healthy sushi in your own home. Even the kids can join in, as evidenced by Shig creating "sushi" out of such kid-friendly foods as ham & cheese, hot dogs . . . and even last night's leftover.

Chiba Japanese Restaurant Sushi is located at 11713 Saticoy Street, North Hollywood, CA 91605 (818) 765-9119.