Master sushi chef Shig Chiba owns the world famous North Hollywood, California sushi bar, Chiba Restaurant. Inspired in the fine art of sushi by his culinary-master father, Shig came to Los Angeles from Tokyo in 1973 the dream of introducing America to Japanese Cuisine and sushi. Over the past 20 years, Chef Shig has done just that. His unique style of sushi preparation has attracted thousands to his restaurant year after year and left patrons wondering how he makes sushi taste so good. Now, for the first time, chef Shig invites you into his kitchen. (More…)

Rebecca Ferratti, Co-host of "Sushi at Home Made Easy," has appeared in numerous Television shows, over 16 Films including "Ace Ventura Pet Detective," "Beverly Hills Cop II" and "The Three Amigo," on more than 20 MTV Videos, numerous Radio Programs and has appeared on the covers of many Magazines.