"Sushi at Home - Made Easy"

Instructional Video



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Starring: Master Sushi Chef Shig Chiba 

Featuring: Rebecca Ferratti ("Ace Ventura Pet Detective," "Beverly Hills Cop II," "Three Amigos". . .)

"Sushi at Home Made Easy" is a 70 minute instructional video on how to prepare sushi in your very own kitchen.  The program stars a talented Master sushi Chef Shig Chiba who owns and operates his own world famous restaurant and sushi bar Chiba Restaurant in North Hollywood, California.  Shig Chiba came to Los Angeles from Tokyo, Japan in 1973 where he had studied the fine art of sushi under a master chef.  Shig's father, himself a distinguished chef, was one of the first culinary masters to introduce fine Japanese cuisine to America in 1965 and was his biggest influence in becoming a chef.   Shig has been a sushi chef for over twenty years during which time he has developed his own unique style of sushi preparation.  In the breakthrough video "Sushi at Home Made Easy," Shig teaches you everything you need to know to prepare restaurant quality sushi in your very own kitchen. 



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